Katie Fellenz

Meet Katie

I started my career in marketing over a decade ago in beautiful Santa Barbara. Since those early days of affiliate and product marketing, I'veĀ  found my niche in all things digital and have flexed my marketing muscles in-house at brands, at agencies large and small, and with companies of all shapes and size from a VC-backed start-up to a large corporation. I now live in sunny San Diego with my husband and Australian Cattle Dog, Jack, while continuing to evolve and learn about my craft.

My Approach to marketing

To create a successful marketing campaign, you need to first truly understand who you are marketing to ... and why. Most people forget the 'why', but I believe that's the most important part. To get to the 'why' I use data to find out who your audience is, where they go online, what content they consume, how they engage. Our job as marketers is to get to the root of what it is consumers are looking for, what problem they're facing, and then use empathy to relate and deliver.

I love to collaborate and help my clients solve the sticky big problems. Whether you're in need of full-time marketing support, have a project or two, or just need a second opinion, I'd love to connect.

Let's Chat

Have a question? Interested in collaborating? Need help with a project? Great! Send a note and let's chat.